Innovative Covid Testing Practices: Travel Trivia

Here is a known fact, Covid-19 has taken the travel industry into quite the rollercoaster ride. While the topic is usually rather demotivating, we hope to take a small break from it and recognize how much effort the travel industry has invested into health and safety. One of which is through Innovative Covid Testing practices that have been implemented by various members of the industry.


Innovative Covid Testing Sniffer Dogs

Starting From Home


Let’s not start enumerating for places outside the UAE without taking note of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior who trained a unit of specialized sniffer dogs to determine possible Covid casesĀ in a matter of seconds.


Armpit swabs reveal to have around a 98% accuracy rate. They have also clarified that the swabs do not come in direct contact with the dogs.


Smell Innovative Covid Testing

Finding New Innovative Covid Testing Measures


Processing the idea of having to take a test to detect a viral sickness has been quite rough. There are arguably so few ways to get around this fact.

However, a reputable resort hotel in Mexico played around with this idea and has implemented a “Smell-Sensory Safety Measure” that is widely practiced by their arriving guests and staff alike.


This comes after reading a recent study by King’s College London. It says that there are 6 distinct types of COVID-19. Most cases have varying sets of symptoms. “Loss of smell” is one variable that remains constant in all cases.


Garlic Coffee Lime

With this in mind, they hand their staff and guests a small cloth pouch to smell and identify the scent. It will most likely be one of three distinct scent profiles: garlic, coffee, or something citrus like a lime/lemon/orange.


However, this does not replace standard Covid testing protocols. Guests will still need to take a PCR Test before arrival.


Innovative Covid Testing

Wearable Innovative Covid Testing Tech


How would you feel about traveling to a place with the following requirements? You’re going to wear a device that constantly tracks your vital signs. Moreover, the hotel administration has access to this information during your stay.


This is a proposed concept for various participating hotels in the Cayman Islands. The device is called the “BioButton or BioSticker” by BioIntelliSense, a coin-sized, medical-grade device. It analyzes the patterns of temperature, respiratory rate, and heart rate of its users for the goal of early detection.


Of course, this doesn’t eradicate requirements for the standard PCR Testing before arrival.

Innovative Covid Testing




What do you think about these innovative Covid testing practices? Let us know in the comments below.

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