Ukraine Travel Guide: Before You Go

If you’re looking to have an immersive exploration of Ukraine very soon. Take the time to read AFC’s Ultimate Ukraine Travel Guide Before you Go. It is definitely a good idea to give this a read before you do so that you can best prepare for your trip.


Ukraine Travel Guide Language



The Local language is UKRAINIAN; Observably adapted from both Polish and Russian languages. Not many Ukrainians speak fluent ENGLISH. However, younger generation Ukrainians have a higher probability of being fluent in the language. The capital (Kiev) Also will have more English speakers due to their work requirements and through meeting a lot of English-speaking tourists.


For ease of communication, make sure to keep in mind to keep word-choice to the simplest word/s possible. It would also be helpful to keep a mini translator/dictionary that you can keep offline.

Ukraine Kyiv Travel Guide Weather

What Weather to Expect

Ukraine enjoys FOUR SEASONS throughout the year as follows:

  • spring (March to May): Ave. 4°C to 13°C (39°F to 55°F)
  • summer (June to August): Ave. 14°C to 24°C (58°F to 76°F)
  • autumn (September to November): Ave. 9°C to 13 °C (48°F to 55°F)
  • winter (December to February): Ave. -8°C to -2°C (18°F to 28°F)

What kind of clothes to pack?

  • May: Umbrella/Raincoat/Rain Bag(Waterproof). Rainfalls due to season change. *Rainiest Month
  • March-May: Moderately cold temperatures, bring jackets
  • June-August: Bring appropriate sun protection products + sunglasses if necessary, Light cotton clothing
  • September-November: Moderately thick clothes/ jackets, jumpers/sweaters, and scarves
  • December-February: Thick Wooly Clothes + Boots + Scarves + Gloves
  • All Seasons: Comfortable walking shoes.

Ukraine Travel Guide Religion

Ukrainian Religion


PREDOMINANTLY EASTERN ORTHODOX. With that in mind, tourists have to be mindful and observe respectful behaviors when in monasteries, churches, or other places of worship.


Ukraine Travel Guide Currency



UKRAINIAN HRYVNYA (UAH) Pronounced: huh·riv·nyuh


All transactions are recommended to be settled in UAH. It is almost impossible to buy Hryvnyas outside Ukraine, it is not recommended either.


There is a wide array of exchange kiosks in markets, rates vary very little between all of them. Rip-off rates are unusual in Ukraine as they don’t really charge commissions for exchanges.


It is the easiest to exchange from USD, EUR, and RUB. Exchanges in Ukraine are practiced for the purpose of hoarding hard currency. this is why USD banknotes made before 1990 are not accepted.


Lastly, there is an observable shortage of change in the country, so try to give the correct or the closest possible amount of money to settle transactions.


Should you bargain?

Haggling or bargaining is not common at all. It is not advisable to be attempted. This is only acceptable if you know that you are being excessively overcharged for something.

Should you leave a tip?

Tipping is common in Ukraine, but it is not obligated. The best practice is to just round off to the nearest denomination.

How much is a day in Ukraine?

Minimum USD 30 per day or more depending on interest and choice of activity.

Power plugs and socket


Ukraine uses Type C and F power plugs at 230 Volts and 50 Frequency. Bringing power plug adapters is advisable.


Getting Around


Kyiv Travel Guide Getting around

The most common forms of transportation in Kyiv are buses, trolleybuses, trams, and the subway. You can save a lot when traveling with these modes as much as seeing the city. A fare can cost around 50 Hryvnyas.


There is also an abundance of taxis that you can call in by dialing 058 or 059 or hail from the streets of Kyiv. It is 1 Hryvnya per kilometre. It is better to negotiate before boarding as many taxi drivers may not be that good at speaking English.


Tourists may use cab-hailing or ride-sharing apps like Uber, Uklon, Cab24, HOPIN, and Taxioma. 


Ukraine Travel Guide – The Checklist

Ukraine Travel

Need Internet Everywhere in Kyiv?


There is no need to share your personal identification upon buying a sim card in Ukraine. Tourists will commonly find local sim cards with ready network access straight out of Boryspil International Airport. However, if you have missed the opportunity, you can still look for one around town. Some of the more common options include Kyivstar, Vodafone, and Lifecell.


Ukraine Travel Guide in Medications


Prepare preferred over-the-counter medicines (Keep in original containers/with labels for easy identification)  in small quantities (or as you find necessary) into a simple first aid. i.e. Diarrhea medicines, antacids, antihistamines, motion sickness, cough drops, decongestants, pain and fever relief, mild laxatives, bandages, and small antiseptic solutions. Along with your masks and preferred sanitizer.


Bring a doctor’s prescription for other prescriptions that you may have as needed and check for the allowed amount of quantity depending on your stay.


Now that you’ve read this Ukraine Travel Guide.


You are officially ready to travel to Ukraine. Don’t forget that you’re always free to contact your AFC Representative if you have any more concerns before your departure! We wish you safe and happy travels!

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