5 Best Travel App

Travel your new translated world!

Travelling to a land of a foreign language? Travel Smart with Google Translate, a free smartphone app that will help you get through the language barrier and make your trip super easy!

Type words or phrases and get the translations in up to 90 languages. Not only this, you can even translate the printed text by just clicking its photo.

Google Translate 2



Travel easy, when offline!

Looking for a navigation app that you can use without Wi-Fi or mobile data? Then ‘Here’ is the app you have been searching for.

You just need to download the map in advance and then travel around hassle-free with turn-by-turn directions for up to 100 countries and 900 cities!

Travel easy, when offline!



Your travel organizer in your pocket!

Have tons of information to compile? From your flights, hotels, rentals to restaurants? Now you can TripIt to store it!

Forward your trip confirmation to plan@tripit.com and get your detailed itinerary which you can access even when offline!

This app will even update you with any forthcoming changes in your plans due to any reason. Also, you can share your itinerary with your friends and family!


Guides by Lonely Planet

Travel best with your local expert!

Planning your next trip to a new destination? Get all the advice and tips before you start your journey at Guides by Lonely Planet.

Your all-time best-trusted app to guide you with hotels, flights, rentals, tours, and insurance. Make your trip happy and smooth with reviews of all the places on your mobile!

Guides by Lonely Planet



Need help with packing?

Going trekking? Swimming? Traveling internationally? With family and friends? Cannot decide on what you require to pack?

PackPoint builds your packing list based on where you’re going and when and for how long.

Now everything you need is packed. Happy Travelling!